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Fulfilling publication requirements

We offer comprehensive communication solutions to suit all companies listed on the Norwegian and Danish stock exchange or the MTF. Whether you are listed on the Oslo Börs exchange, Axess, Merkur Market, Nasdaq exchange in Denmark or First North Copenhagen, we have communications solutions that meet your requirements. We offer everything from automatic publication on your website to subscription systems for share price graphs and much, much more.

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Publishing information

Publication on the website is a regulatory requirement. We ensure that your information lands on your website on the right page, at the right time and at the right frequency. The information is also sent to the relevant stock exchange or MTF, The Norweigan or Danish FSA, news agencies, all shareholders, premium channels and other stakeholders.

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Several key functions

  • Satisfy the requirements for concurrency and distribution
  • Mailshot function directly linked to the stock exchange and the Norwegian or Danish FSA
  • Information models for share market data, subscriptions, calendars and much more
  • Premium channels that increase the range
  • Swedish support 24/7
  • Global media database
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